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Curating development futures

New-age development models in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change

What do we do?

We curate new development models and value propositions in emerging areas such as Climate Tech, AI Governance, AI Skills, Climate Finance, Gender digital divide, Care economy etc. We do so in partnership with diverse stakeholders from governments, CSR, civil society, multilaterals, startups and academia.  

Accelerate AI4Good

We catalyze the AI ecosystem to scale high-impact AI innovations for sustainability. We capacitate vulnerable communities to leapfrog in the digital economy with AI.

Climate Science in Himalayas

We raise international awareness on climate vulnerability of the Himalayas in partnership with the local development ecosystem.

AI Stewardship

We partner with governments and private sector for an equitable and  responsible AI Ecosystem in Global South

Accelerating CSR

We partner with CSR and non-profits to work on emerging areas of development and enhance development returns on investment

About Us

d-coop (digital coop) is a collaborative of professionals and organizations committed to sustainable and inclusive development in the Global South.

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise across fields such as Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, Public Sector Innovations, Digital transformation, Environment, Public Finance, Rural Development, Skills development, Governance and Public Policy.

Our mission is to curate innovative and high-impact models for accelerating sustainable development. We leverage on Systems thinking, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to achieve this. We partner with policymakers, CSR initiatives, Startups, NGOs and private sector to curate new narratives along with ecosystems of development actors.


We have a deep expertise in ecosystem thinking and scaling through multi-sectoral approaches to development.

Our Collective Professional Expertise


Years of development experience per member


High impact innovative projects delivered


Resource Mobilization (in USD)


Countries World Wide

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Development?

If you are ambitious about large-scale development impact at an accelerated pace, we can make it happen. 

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